Votive & Wax Melt Blended Wax

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Our custom blend of soy and palm wax offers you the best of both worlds.  This wax is an in-house blend we use to produce our votive’s and wax melts.  We love the crisp chocolate bar sound the wax gives off when you break the melts. This blend shrinks perfectly to remove from molds and has a glossy professional finish. This blend will allow for an excellent scent throw both when lit and unlit, known as the hot and cold scent throw.

This blend should be melted at 150- 160°F fragrance / Essential Oils should be added at 135-140°F and stirred constantly until candle is poured, Pour between 130-135°F


Blend benefits:

beautiful Ivory look         ~       100% all natural product

  Perfect snap in a melt for your customer


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4 reviews for Votive & Wax Melt Blended Wax

  1. lyndilee (verified owner)

    Just started using this wax and love it for my melts. Great cold throw and heat throw and perfectly smooth every time! Definitely recommend.

  2. stacyfloyd86 (verified owner)

    I recently tried this wax for wax melts as I was using 494 and getting terrible frosting. I got no frosting with this brand, the top is smooth and has a shine, and the crisp snap is amazing. Has good CT and HT , have not tested with colors yet

  3. hayleigh1998 (verified owner)

    I bought this wax to make melts for the first time. I was very impressed!!! Great cold and hot throw, perfectly smooth top, and when solid the bar cracks like a crisp chocolate bar. So satisfying! Will be ordering this regularly!

    • C&C Candle Company

      That’s Just what we think about the crisp snap, it’s so satisfying! Thanks Hayleigh!

  4. rani.prasad (verified owner)

    I have been using this wax for past 8months, for making wax melts and other detailed melts, and votive candles. Its a great wax with good hot and cold throw, nice color throw, smooth tops with every pour, will continue to purchase. Thanks

    • C&C Candle Company

      Thanks for the review Rani! We are excited to continue working with you!

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