Lavender Relax Aromatherapy Personal Care Spray


Simply spray this blend on your pillow, in the air in front of you, into the shower just before you turn it on. Then close your eyes and breathe in the aroma that will completely relax you.

Essential Oils in this Blend

Lavender Population, Eucalyptus Globus, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile Roman and Clary Sage.


These smell great and have a purpose, designed with Natural aromatherapy in mind.  They are created with therapeutic essential oil blends, distilled water and coconut emulsifier.  Spray them in the air, on fabric or on yourself whichever you prefer.  Safe for most as we don’t recommend spraying on children or pets.  Each spray is 80ml.  ..a little spray goes a long way.





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Roll-on, Room and Body Spray


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