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Our custom blend offers you the best of both worlds, the creamy beauty of Coconut that melts in your hands and the stability of Nature Soy wax with a 6-10% fragrance load. This blend will allow for an excellent scent throw both when lit and unlit, known as the hot and cold scent throw. 

This blend should be melted at 145- 155°F, fragrance / Essential Oils should be added immediately and stirred constantly until oil is completely mixed into wax, Pour between 130-135°F

Blend benefits:

excellent glass adhesion   ~   perfect top every pour

beautiful creamy look   ~  100% all natural product

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16 reviews for C & C Perfect Blend – Coconut Soy

  1. dodgeballrules10 (verified owner)

    I love this wax! I’m new to candle making, and I’ve tried several other waxes before coming across this blend. It has great CT and HT and I’ve consistently been getting smooth tops.

  2. Cindy Brown (verified owner)

    I love this wax and so do my clients!

  3. Nathalie-B (verified owner)

    Just made my very first candle with your Coconut Soy blend wax, and same as the comment above, the melting point that you have provided is not accurate at all. At 155°F, my wax was not fully melted. I’m still doing my testing and my wax fully melted around 185-190°F.
    I am doing something wrong? Is there someone else who eexperienced the same thing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Kim Janauskas (verified owner)

    How long do you let this wax cure for ?

    • CEO Calvank

      We recommend 2 weeks for curing as a minimum requirement. The longer the better

  5. jenccyang (verified owner)

    Based on most of the reviews, I was really excited to try this wax! Unfortunately, I haven’t had the same great experience with it as others have.

    I find this wax really finicky. I’d say 60% of the time, the candles turn out well (smooth tops), and then the other 40%, I get lumpy tops. Based on my testing (following instructions exactly, trying different pour temps, different scents, heating glass, not heating glass, etc.), I think the reason for the lumpy tops is that this wax has a very flakey/airy texture, and so there are tons and tons of air bubbles when it’s melted. These are not air bubbles from over stirring (those simply rise to the top and pop), but they are tiny tiny bubbles that just sit in the wax when it’s melting that remind me of carbonation air bubbles in soda. Because they’re so small, they don’t just simply float to the top and pop, but stay in the wax. I didn’t notice them at first, so I would pour and get those lumpy tops, especially around the wick as they cluster together and stick to the wick. These bubbles are also not fixable by simply using a heat gun, because they don’t pop on their own. So now, as I’m melting the wax, I use a stir stick to physically pop as many tiny bubbles as I can see, and I have found that that’s helped with the 40% lumpy tops (although there will still sometimes be imperfections but minor).

    Obviously, this is quite a bit more work that I don’t have to do with other waxes I’ve tried. Furthermore, I’ve burned a few candles now (even with smooth tops) and I do still see lots of tiny air bubbles in the melted wax, so they are still there all throughout the candle even if the tops are smooth. This doesn’t affect the burn or scent throw, it’s just an aesthetic thing for me.

    Anyways, I likely won’t be repurchasing this wax. 🙁

    • C&C Candle Company (verified owner)

      Thank you for taking the time to review our perfect blend.
      We are sorry your experience with our wax wasn’t what you expected however as we discussed over the phone and through online chat when using other suppliers oils with our wax it can cause issues, as other suppliers oils may need to be poured at higher temperatures or are not intended to be used in candle making.

  6. merydia1234

    My absolute favorite wax to use! Great glass adhesion, smooth tops, and excellent hot and cold throw.

  7. bchar060

    I really like this wax. I tried other type of waxes before and this one was really easy to work with. My tops looked great and the cold throw was amazing. I have not try a burn test yet. Still wainting for them to cure.

    • C&C Candle Company

      Great to hear! Best of luck with your burn test!

  8. sheiilasosa (verified owner)

    So this is the third wax I’ve used in candle making. Still new to the game but this wax was very easier to work with. The melting point took a bit longer than the description but I believe that I might have to cut it in smaller chunks. Cutting the wax was easy the texture is very smooth. The tops looked nice! I passed a heat gun on a few of them just to fix minor issues but I have to continue testing to be able to really get that perfect top on the first pour, Color is beautiful !

    • C&C Candle Company

      Thanks for the review! We recommend alternating between 30 seconds of stirring and 1 minute of heating for the best result! Do your best not to over heat the wax because it can change the scent of your candles.

  9. Danielle frechette (verified owner)

    Love this wax, great glass adhesion and creamy white tops. Only slight downside is that it can’t hold as much fragrance oil as some other waxes.

    • C&C Candle Company

      Thanks for the review Danielle!

  10. alannaking

    Absolutely love this candle wax. So easy to work with. I love it is easy to clean up, hardens beautifully and holds the scent well.

  11. Rittu Berman (verified owner)

    This is a creamy wax with excellent jar adhesion and smooth tops after first pour. Good cold throw but hot throw is weak although I’m still in the process of wick testing.

    • C&C Candle Company

      Thanks for the review Rittu, good luck with the wick testing!

  12. Wileanne Dizon (verified owner)

    The first tester wasnt perfect- but after figuring out what went wrong, I’ve had perfect tops every time. Still testing with different wicks, but the HT and CT have been really nice so far! no complaints and will easily buy more

  13. Neroli & Soul Candle Co. (verified owner)

    With a little testing you can defs get those smooth tops! i did have to foil to get them but will keep experimenting honestly. it all depends on the FOs that are going in. I am having a bit of trouble wicking this wax but could be other factors like container that are affecting outcome. The HT is nice after about 3-4 hours I find but still experimenting with my wicks to solve that problem. I do liek the CT in general! Happy testing everyone!

  14. dylan smith (verified owner)

    Not sure what tyronfosterharkiss is saying
    i have been using this wax for a long time and have never had a problem with melting point or choppy tops. Always a perfect pour every time. great heat throw and cold throw

  15. tyronfosterharkiss (verified owner)

    Here’s the thing:

    The service is great, and great shipping time, but the description shouldn’t say “perfect pour” or perfect tops every pour— this isn’t true.

    Also, what they should note is that the wax melting point and pouring point doesn’t match up with what’s possible. The actually took longer to melt and didn’t fully melt until 180F on multiple batches.

    The tops have been drying with sinkholes and bumps in them. I’ve gone over the tops with a heat gun close to 5 times and there’s no resolution.

    Considering asking for a refund ..

  16. lakehousenaturals (verified owner)

    By far the best blend I have ever used! Holds scent very well, great cold and hot throw. ZERO ghosting or frosting on clear glass containers and no brown on re-melt like I’ve experienced with straight soy waxes. This blend is a life-saver!

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