Coco-Fin Container Wax

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Our custom blend offers you the best of both worlds, Coco- Fin is a blend of Coconut wax, with a hint of Paraffin wax. The purpose to adding paraffin is to give a bit more stability and less sweating and higher melt point. It is a soft container wax intended for in container burning only and is a single pour wax so there is no top-up necessary. Even an experienced Candler notices the difference in this incredible wax blend. This blend will allow for an excellent scent throw both when lit and unlit, known as the hot and cold scent throw. Between 6 and 8% fragrance load can be used.

This blend should be melted at 185-190°F fragrance / Oils should be added between 155-165  and stirred constantly until candle is poured, Pour as soon as all fragrance oil has bonded with the wax.


Blend benefits:

Excellent glass adhesion   ~    Perfect top every pour

White in colour so it works well with dyes and achieving true colour

 This is a beautiful wax even after it is burnt.

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