BEESWAX Filtered white

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This beautiful wax is sourced locally in Alberta and is 100% natural. It is filtered once with charcoal to remove the yellow colour and often comes out in a beige or white colour depending on the batch. The filtering process removes most of the sweet honey scent along with the yellow colour but some scent can linger.   

This blend should be melted at 195-205°F fragrance / essential oils should be added at 165-175°F and poured immediately. If the temperature is not high enough it can leave your candle with lines and blemishes. 


Blend benefits:

Locally Sourced         ~       100% all natural product

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2 reviews for BEESWAX Filtered white

  1. Kathleen Tierney (verified owner)

    bought more of your white beeswax….love it, its a nice ivory colour and very easy to dye for my line of easter egg candles and coloured tapers. I also like the size of the slabs, they are not too thick and are much easier to break than the larger slabs I am used to.

    • C&C Candle Company

      So glad to hear Kathleen! good luck with those Easter projects!

  2. Kathleen Tierney (verified owner)

    Very nice to work with, and nice white colour, also has good fragrance. I did beeswax/coconut oil candles with it and they turned out excellent. I will buy again

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