COVID-19 Notice

Update June 28th, 2021

Our store is open, we are currently following provincial and Municipal guidelines. We have nothing new to report about covid-19, and in this case no news is good news. 

Update Dec 5, 2020

First I want to say thank you everyone for the support you have all given us this last week. 

We have all the results back and we want to make sure everyone stays safe.  
Anyone who dealt with the following staff in person between the dates of November 26- November 28 should likely go get tested to make sure. 

Jessi – front store specialist
Caitlin – Assistant to the CEO 
Ted – Shipping / warehouse Manager 
Scott – Procurement & Safety Manager
Bridget – CEO 

All of these staff above came back positive for Covid.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

Now that we have sorted all the results out we have 1/3 of our staff returning to the warehouse on Monday December 7, 2020.  This will allow us to start processing orders and get them going so you can keep your businesses going.  We will be at 1/2 our staff by Friday and the remaining staff to return the following week.  We will be shipping orders as quickly as possible and even have a second shift on to help get things out even quicker so we can catch up. 
We ask that if you have an order for pickup please wait until you are contacted to come to the warehouse for curbside pickup.  The showroom will not be open for the remainder of 2020.  We will be reviewing the showroom and the availability of in store shopping in January 2021.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email directly at

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding in this unprecedented time.

There has been a lot of confusion in the last couple days and we need to clarify this for the sake of being transparent with you, our customers. We had a customer contact us they had visited our showroom and subsequently tested positive COVID-19. The moment they informed us, we closed our doors and contacted AHS for further direction. Since then we have closed our warehouse and showroom. As per AHS we were instructed to/and have hired a third party cleaning service to sanitize all aspects of our facility. As per AHS, all staff must complete COVID-19 testing. Once we receive all results we will know when we can open and at what capacity. As soon as we can, we will begin processing orders to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your understanding and know that your safety is our number one priority. 

Stay tuned on this page for further updates.