About C&C Candle Co.

We are C & C Candle Company. Our owner, Bridget, started out simply making candles just over 21 years ago and has decided to expand the company to help other candlers create their own beautiful designs. If you have any questions or recommendations we are always willing to listen and help. With our team we can create beautiful product for your personal use, wedding or event. We can also design a custom line of products for you and your clients.

We will also help you with the perfect supplies to create professional products that your clients will love!! 

If you have any questions please contact us at csr@cccandle.com or call our store at 403-236-2488

Frequently Asked Questions

Each line is different, they range from soy, coconut, and apricot wax. 

For a round container they measure the diameter of the vessel and compare it to the melt pool on the wick information chart. For square containers, you should measure diagonally to get the largest measurement to compare to the burn pool. 

If you're using a harder wax you should go up in size, if you're using a softer wax (coconut or soy) go down a size. 

Monday to Friday: 9-4:30

Saturdays open only for scheduled classes

Sundays & All Statutory Holidays we are closed.


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