Meet Our CEO

We all know the stereotype of the CEO that started in the garage and built their company from the ground up. Bridget Calvank is the embodiment of that stereotype. She started making candles in her garage 20 years ago and has built C&C Candle Company into the thriving, fast growing company we know and love today. Her candle company started as a side project while she worked full time at another job but quickly grew with the help of her family including her husband, sons, parents and friends who helped her work late into the night creating gorgeous candles in the garage.

In the last two year C&C has grow so much that she has not only out grown her garage, the first bay of the new space, but also the second bay as well. Which is why we will be moving to a new location in the coming months. Don’t worry though because we aren’t going far, just around the corner!

Through all the growth and success Bridget has still managed to keep C&C as a family business; her husband, son, parents and a couple of daughter-in-laws are still part of the growing company and help keep the rest of us in line. Bridget has cultivated a fun and friendly work environment for everyone at her company where we can learn, grow, and develop new skills.

Keep following this blog to learn more about the company and some tip to use for your own projects at home!

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