Meet Our CEO

Twenty plus years ago, Bridget Calvank founder and CEO of C and C Candle Company, started her journey in the candle industry. Producing candles
in the garage satisfied her passion for a period however over the years the vision of assisting others that wanted to make candles was strong and
out of that desire the company that we now know has developed into a leader in the industry.
With assistance from family and friends, the business moved out of the garage into a warehouse / office complex just three years ago. In making
the move the vision started to develop and recently moving into a 30,000 square foot complex has allowed us to become one of the premier
candle supply companies in the country.
The growth has been successful to a great extent because of our staff. Bridget has developed an atmosphere where staff can grow with the
company, and they look forward to coming to work every day. Cross training and promoting from within are just a couple of the reasons we feel
people enjoy working for the company.
The vision will continue to develop and grow where C & C Candle Company will continue to be a leader in proving candle supplies as well as
become a premier manufacturer of custom candles for corporations throughout Canada and the USA.
Bridget and her staff welcome anyone who wishes to grow their own candle company, develop their own line of candles, or just require some
answers to questions that you may have. Feel free to contact us through social media or call the store at 403-236-2488.

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